• Thomas Torrance, China and the Qiang

    A new book about Thomas Torrance, missionary and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, to be launched on October 7th.


  • The Five Scrolls

    Five Old Testament books translated from Hebrew to Scots


  • Ukraine: a personal exploration before Putin’s invasion

    Jenny Robertson writes of her travel in Ukraine, meeting local people, discussing landscape and history, how the country has related to Poland and Russia in the past. While located before Putin’s invasion, this book about the real Ukraine will give essential background as well as a delightful visit to a lovely country.


  • Conversations by the Sea

    A book of reflections on John chapter 21, with insights for discipleship, ministry and mission


  • TEMPLE AND TARTAN: Psalms, Poetry and Scotland

    Temple and Tartan is a book of poetry and other chapters linking the poetry to Scottish history, migrants and issues of modern politics and life.


  • SILENT PARTNERS: Glimpses from Scripture

    Glimpses from scripture indeed, giving a voice to women who remain otherwise under the radar. This is the first book of poetry by Claire Wilson. She take us behind the scenes of the Bible story, and probes the psyche of some well-known characters. She imagines sitting on a bench with the reader: Sit awhile and […]



TEMPLE AND TARTAN sells at £16 which includes a CD of the author reading poems on the first of the five books of Psalms. A

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Recent Books by Handsel Press

About Handsel Press

The Handsel Press was founded in 1976 to publish high quality academic and more popular books relating Christian faith to other fields of study, and to the arts. It operates ‘from the centre . . . beyond the margins . . . ‘

While books are divided into main categories such as Theology, Bible, Ethic, History and Memoir, under the overall heading of Faith, these categories overlap. Handsel Press upholds the tradition of ‘the Scottish democratic intellect’, and expects the sciences and the arts to talk to one another.

The Press also publishes a number of biographies, commentaries and poetry at a very affordable price.

The Press is owned by the Handsel Trust, SC014135. Handsel Press is a not-for-profit company.

Jock Stein, Editor

The editor is the Revd Dr Jock Stein, whose books From Cosmos to Canaan and From Ruth to Lamentations can be purchased from the shop.

You can contact him by clicking here

with any questions, or, for example, to sign up for his fortnightly ‘blog and poem’ which goes to a private circulation list, or to get a discount on multiple title orders.

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Lines for 2023

. . . every day we finger all the grace notes,

playing world things right instead of wrong

(from Temple and Tartan)