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What happened between Good Friday and Easter Day

Between Good Friday and Easter, what happened? What does it mean to say that Jesus ‘descended into hell’? What happened, and does it matter for us today? With a theologian’s research, a pastor’s heart, and a poet’s sensibility, Gerrit Dawson explores the answers to these questions through the centuries, and using a narrative approach is able to combine various emphases into a view that can undergird the mission and worship of the church today.

“Faithful to Scripture . . . holds our attention from beginning to end.”  Dr Douglas Kelly, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“A significant contribution to the Church’s reflection on the mystery of Jesus’ death, burial and descent into hell . . . this work will surely edify the life and ministry of the Church.” Dr David Lauber, Wheaton College

ISBN: 978-0-9884916-5-6
Year Published: