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One soldier’s unseen battle

Mental health is an unseen enemy – when added to physical injury, it is a killer. This book is a story of love and perseverance through hardship and stress.

Colin Gardner was an ex-Serviceman who became a Christian and married a Glasgow minister. He suffered injuries in Northern Ireland which caused epilepsy and mental trauma. This book is a moving account by his wife and son of what looking after such a veteran involved, together with dramatic accounts of his army experience, and some of Colin’s own poetry. There is an appendix with an extensive list of Bible verses and songs which helped Fiona cope with extremely difficult situations, as well as other resources in the area of spiritual and mental health. Money from sales will go to two Glasgow Charities.

We hear about soldiers facing war situations, but seldom hear their stories once they have returned to civilian life. This book is about one veteran and his family, and the struggles he faced to live with his injuries to body and spirit. It asks how we can better support veterans as they reintegrate back into society. We train them for war, but what do we do when they return?

ISBN: 978-1-912052-53-0
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