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The life and influence of J.S. Stewart, Church of Scotland minister and New Testament teacher at Edinburgh University after the Second World War

James S. Stewart (1896-1990), was regarded by many as the greatest preacher in the whole English speaking world during the central decades of the twentieth century. But to be a great preacher, you have to be other things as well, and Stewart was a man of broad culture, a distinguished New Testament scholar, a faithful pastor of three congregations, a loving father and husband, and a holy and humble man of heart. For twenty years he was professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology in the University of Edinburgh. Students came from all over the world to study at his feet. Now, as then, he has things to say to all concerned with proclaiming the Christian faith.

The author, Robin Barbour was himself Professor of New Testament at Edinburgh University.

ISBN: 978-1-871828-54-2
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