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A way in to the Bible through poetry and conversation

This unusual book offers a way in to the Bible which has probably never been attempted before . . . the Bible in verse is not another version of the Bible, but a light and yet profound response to the characters and situations found in the first six book of the Old Testament. The poems are written in a variety of styles, from sonnet to haiku, reflecting the variety of writing in the Bible, and simply to enjoy the art of poetry as one of God’s gifts to humankind. Sometimes humorous, often challenging, and always easy to read . . .

“This mixture of genres works well and makes the book accessible on a number of levels . . . crossing boundaries, notably the one between theology and poetry . . . his poems are often very touching, as are also the dialogues between the two friends . . . an original approach to ancient texts . . .”   The Church Times

First published by Sacristy Press

ISBN: 978-1-910519-96-7
Year Published: