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MIND’S EYE: A Journey through Life, Landscape and Expression


A Life Journey with Paintings, Photographs and Story

Kate Philp was brought up near Edinburgh after returning from Africa as a child in 1975. She began painting in Musselburgh, with the help of the watercolour artist John Banks, and her first exhibition was in the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. Since then she has exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and many other places. This book showcases a fabulous collection of landscape art paintings from the last 20 years of her work, and a few paintings by F.C.B. Cadell to whom Kate is related on her father’s side. It features the Highlands and Islands, the Scottish Borders, and also Northumberland where she now lives. Mind’s Eye will take you on a journey sharing many of these images with an inside look at what has guided and inspired her.

“I fell in love with Kate Philp’s paintings whilst dining at the Mizen Head Restaurant in Bamburgh. All available wall space was filled with paintings of local scenes which I recognised from my walks along the North Northumberland coast. I was lucky enough to buy three of Kate’s paintings . . . having met Kate she is a woman of rare talent and beliefs.”  Fran Cotton

“Words and pictures come together beautifully in this fascinating book. Anyone interested in how an artist is inspired will delight in Kate Philp’s account of her painting and its background.”  Alexander McCall Smith

ISBN: 978-1-871828-92-4
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