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Poems of love, loss and gain

These poems are a response to places and people Rosemary Hector has encountered over the last ten years. Some of them have already been published and others are from a project ‘A Season in Garnethill’ undertaken in 2016. With the dismay at a second fire destroying the Glasgow School of Art, which is in Garnethill, it is fitting to republish some of them as a tribute to an important place in Scotland’s psyche. Many echo the preoccupation of the middle stage of life: love, loss and gain, and the capacity to look both back and forward.

“A thoughtful engagement of the reader in courteous conversation which without warning enters the marrow of the reader’s bones.”  Owen Dudley Edwards

“A calm but insistent voice: ‘Their small green shoots are a gesture. No surrender . . .’ (from ‘Snowdrops’).”   Joy Hendry

“You are in the hands of a trustworthy imagination . . .”   Henry Marsh

ISBN: 978-1-912052-43-1
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