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FROM RUTH TO LAMENTATIONS: Poetry and Conversation on the Bible


A Sequel to From Cosmos to Canaan

A book for those who enjoy poetry and are curious about the Old Testament, especially the parts that sermons never reach. Its wisdom and stories relate to all times and all cultures in surprising ways, presented here with a mixture of humour and depth. The book is spiced with a conversation between the author and a retired teacher who has secrets of her own to reveal. The book is illustrated with line drawings by Margaret Stein.

From the book of Esther: “Vashti, I’m grateful to you, trying to light a candle, even though a male gale blew it out.”

From the Song of Songs: “Yer aw yersel, wumman – nae strind, nae kin. Jist a birlin, whirlin body sookin up the warld lik a magnet.”

Jock Stein is a preacher poet and piper from East Lothian, who enjoys blending whimsy and passion in his writing on the Bible. His earlier book was published by Sacristy Press.

“This mixture of poetry and conversation works well and makes the book accessible on a number of levels” – Jock Stein’s writing reviewed in the Church Times.

“I expected staid, solid theology; what I discovered was vibrant and sparkling like a multi-faceted diamond” – Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers

ISBN: 978-1-912052-60-8
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